San Pietro Infine

San Pietro Infine

Untouched for 75 years, the gates to a forgotten city will be opened, and the last living Italian-Canadian survivors will recount the Battle of San Pietro Infine.

The forgotten city.
Details & Storyline
  • San Pietro Infine is located south of the Gustav Line, between Cassino and Ortona. Like many towns, this place was conquered, bombed, its civilians mercilessly tortured, and eventually liberated. After the war, 3000 survivors, left with nothing, immigrated to Canada in an attempt to start over. The ones that remained did not have the heart to rebuild on the ruins of the dead. Instead, they rebuilt the entire town a few hundred meters down the road and named it San Pietro del Lazio. They were leaving the ruins of the old city untouched for 75 years. A burial ground for history. A place where time has stood still.


  • Release Date
    October 1, 2020

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