Malocchio Moderno

Malocchio Moderno

An ancient superstition embedded into the Italian culture has wreaked havoc on the psychological development of many Italo-Canadian children.

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Beware the evil eye.
Details & Storyline
  • This documentary will venture into a part of Italian culture rarely discussed. It is something that is only whispered to people you trust. It is a fear embedded into the Italian culture as far back as the Roman empire. The Malocchio, aka the evil eye. A superstition held by almost every culture, in some shape or form, across the globe; however, the Italian culture has only recently tried to rationalize this phenomenon by making it prevalent in its pop culture. Yet, even a non-believer will shy away from conversations with Malocchio. It is a fear instilled in our DNA and has adversely affected the children of landed immigrants to Canada.


  • Release Date
    October 1, 2021
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