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dark comedy | tv series

You can't run from family… but you can hide

SEASON 1: A masterful pastry chef, entangled with Naples' Camorra, flees to Toronto's Little India, where his family confronts cultural clashes and shadows of his past in a quest for redemption.

In a daring escape from a merciless mafia lord, a gifted pastry chef, Drake Cocco, boldly uproots his family from the perilous alleys of Naples to the vibrant Little India community in Ontario, Canada. Immersed in a whirlwind of cultural discoveries and culinary adventures, the Coccos find themselves both captivated and challenged. However, beneath the enticing scents and lively atmosphere, danger continues to brew. Over six captivating episodes, their comedic misadventures, and heartfelt struggles are intertwined with the relentless pursuit by vengeful mobsters, culminating in a dramatic showdown that tests the resilience of family bonds and loyalties to the utmost.

A film by anthony sarracco