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documentary | feature film

Tradition meets trend: The Battle for the Soul of Italian Fashion

In the shadow of global fast fashion, Italy's iconic "Made in Italy" label fights for survival, echoing past battles with French Haute Couture and illuminating the relentless tension between tradition and modernity.

In a world where speed and immediacy dominate, the revered fashion industry stands at a critical crossroads. "Tendenza" delves into the once-coveted "Made in Italy" label, a hallmark of unrivalled craftsmanship and superior materials, and its gradual decline in the face of an ever-globalizing market. Drawing parallels with the 17th-century rise of French Haute Couture, which overshadowed Italian fashion until its resurgence in the 1950s, the film explores the contemporary challenges faced by traditional designers striving to maintain relevance. Through poignant interviews and rich historical analysis, "Tendenza" captures a poignant tale of tradition, transformation, and the existential threat to an emblem of Italian elegance.

A film by anthony sarracco