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documentary | feature film

Decoding a Modern-Day Saint

An investigative journey into the life of Padre Pio, an Italian mystic who defied explanation, blending sainthood's devotion with modern celebrity's allure.

"Padre Pio" delves deep into the enigmatic life of Padre Pio, the revered Italian mystic who bore the stigmata for half a century. From astonishing miracles to reports of levitation, his story intertwines the physical and spiritual borders, blurring the lines between saint and celebrity. Within Italy's bustling streets, Padre Pio's presence rivals pop culture icons, his image gracing every corner from local shops to taxi dashboards, eliciting a devotion reminiscent of modern-day superstardom. Drawing on archival footage, interviews, and contemporary accounts, this documentary unravels the mystery of faith, myth, and commercialism surrounding one of the most revered and debated figures in Christianity.

A film by anthony sarracco