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documentary | feature film

In the Shadow of the Giant

In the tumult of World War II, as Italy's revered Abbey of Monte Cassino is reduced to rubble by Allied forces, Canadian Italians recount the tragedy, the strengthened German defence amidst the ruins, and their eventual beacon of hope found in Canada's embrace.

In the heart of World War II, Italy's historic Abbey of Monte Cassino was an emblem of hope for the civilians ensnared in the conflict's devastating grip. This documentary unveils the harrowing stories of Canadian Italians, recounting their childhood experiences during the seismic battle for the sacred site. Witness the heart-wrenching moment when Allied bombers razed the Abbey to the ground in an attempt to dislodge the enemy to the ground - a move that inadvertently fortified the German position amidst the ruins. As the symbolic light of the Abbey was extinguished, leaving profound despair, a beacon of salvation emerged from the West. Canada's gesture of sanctuary provided a glimmer of hope and a promise of a new beginning for those scarred by the ravages of war. This film unravels the complex tapestry of human resilience, loss, and rebirth through riveting first-hand accounts and detailed historical narratives.

A film by anthony sarracco