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documentary | feature film

The Curse of the Evil Eye Unveiled

Exploring the depths of Italy's ancient superstition, "Malocchio Moderno" unveils the lasting psychological toll the 'evil eye' exerts on Italian Canadian youth as age-old beliefs confront contemporary identity.

In the shadows of Italy's rich history and vibrant culture lies an ancient superstition that has silently influenced generations: the Malocchio, or the evil eye. "Malocchio Moderno" delves deep into this enigmatic belief whispered only among the closest of kin and trusted friends, tracing its roots back to the Roman Empire. Though universally recognized in various forms across world cultures, the documentary spotlights the unique Italian perspective, illustrating how contemporary pop culture attempts to demystify it. However, the haunting grip of the Malocchio remains, especially for Italo- Canadian descendants. As they grapple with the duality of their heritage and the unspoken terror of the evil eye, the film captures the profound psychological impact of this ancient curse on the modern generation.

A film by anthony sarracco