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documentary | feature film

Liberty's Dark Side: The Untold Tragedy of Cassino

In the aftermath of WWII's Battle of Cassino, Italian women confront the haunting memories of violation by the Goumiers soldiers who were meant to be their liberators.

"Le Ciociare" delves deep into a shadowed chapter of World War II, illuminating the harrowing experiences of Italian women who endured brutal violations at the hands of the Goumiers soldiers following the Battle of Cassino. Through intimate testimonies of the last surviving victims, archival footage, and expert analysis, this powerful documentary seeks to give voice to the silent sufferers of history, revealing the heartbreaking paradox of liberation that came at an unthinkable personal cost. The story underscores the complex tapestry of war, where liberators can also be oppressors, and heroes may hide dark secrets.

A film by anthony sarracco