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documentary | feature film

Resilience, Artistry, Legacy: The Untold Story of Italians in Quebec

In the heart of Quebec's French-dominated culture, the Italian-Canadian community's strength shines through as they navigate discrimination, leaving an indelible mark on the province's modern identity.

“Italofobia: The Exodus from Quebec” delves deep into the rich tapestry of Italian-Canadian history in Quebec, shedding light on the potent cultural, artistic, and societal contributions they've made despite facing prejudice and discrimination. In a land dominated by French influences, the Italians' resilient spirit emerges as they carve out a distinctive space, fighting against assimilation and societal biases. Through evocative storytelling, this documentary uncovers the struggles and the profound impacts of the Italian community on Quebec's modern society while unravelling intricate debates on sovereignty and the very nature of immigrant assimilation.

A film by anthony sarracco