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documentary | feature film

United in Battle, Bound by Defiance

Amidst World War II's chaos, Canadian forces and Italian partisans unite fiercely to overcome the daunting German defences of the Gothic Line, revealing a tale of resilience, collaboration, and defiance against tyranny.

In the tumultuous landscape of 1944 Italy, Canadian and Allied forces faced a seemingly insurmountable challenge: the German-constructed Gothic Line. Through intimate narratives of the last surviving partisans, this documentary unravels the alliance between these resilient fighters and Canadian troops as they clashed with the formidable German defences in Rimini. This monumental battle, known covertly as Operation Olive, involved over 1.2 million soldiers in a combat scenario reminiscent of the intense struggles at Monte Cassino's Gustav Line. Beyond the artillery and trenches, the film also illuminates the unwavering spirit of the Italian Resistance, who battled against the dual tyrannies of Mussolini's fascist regime and German occupation. It is a tale of heroism, collaboration, and the indomitable human spirit during one of World War II's fiercest confrontations.

A film by anthony sarracco