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songs of freedom

This documentary intertwines the history of Uruguay's Candombe music, born out of African roots, with its transformation into an emblem of connection and liberation within Canadian heritage.

"Candombe: Songs of Freedom" explores the vibrant cultural tapestry woven by La Magia Candombe, an essential way of life for Uruguayans living in Canada, where the rhythmic echoes of this historic music resonate in harmony with Canadian heritage. Originating as a form of expression and resistance among enslaved Africans, UNESCO inscribed Candombe as a treasure of intangible cultural heritage in 2009. With waves of Uruguayan immigrants carrying this sacred tradition to Canada, the film delves into the evolving story of how this music, rooted in Africa, has taken on new meaning within the Canadian context. As a symbol of resistance and liberation, Candombe's legacy speaks to centuries of strength, communication, and unity. From its colonial-era origins in Montevideo's heart to its journey across continents, the documentary uncovers the parallels between Candombe's communication through rhythm and the Songs of the Underground Railroad used by enslaved individuals seeking freedom in Canada. In this exploration of heritage and connection, "Candombe: Songs of Freedom" unearths the powerful stories embedded in the heartbeat of this cultural phenomenon and emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and safeguarding its significance in the Canadian narrative.

A film by anthony sarracco & MICHAEL FRANCESHINI