Sarracco Studios' Documentaries collection brings you films that will leave you mesmerized and shocked. Uncover the mafia maxi trials that shook Sicily to its core, resulting in two of its most iconic judges being assassinated in a car bomb attack. Delve into the story of Italian immigrants who came to Quebec seeking new opportunities and follow their journey as they established deep roots within the Canadian culture. With our documentaries, experience life stories like never before!

WWII Remeber Series

The Sarracco Studio Companies collection of WWII remeber movies captures the brutality and heroism of the era. Unforgettable stories of Italian women who suffered under Goumiers soldiers during Italy's WWII campaign, and brave survivors' accounts of their collaboration with Canadian troops to break through the Gothic Line are all here. Witness history like never before in this stunning archive from Sarracco Studios.

TV Series

This series has it all: edge-of-your-seat action, supernatural thrills and gripping cultural clashes. Follow the daredevil crew as they hunt down lost Nazi plans in some of WWII's spookiest places. Or turn up the heat with the Cocco family, running from a mafia chieftain while trying to adjust to life in Canada. Get ready for an unforgettable viewing experience!

Spanish Language

Experience the vibrancy of Spanish language cinema with Sarracco studios. Our collection offers unique and captivating stories, such as 'La Magia Candombe', a celebration of Uruguayan culture in Canada. Dive into Cuban society with us to explore its rebellious spirit. With our selection, you can get lost in another world.

Feature films

Step into the darkness and explore our Feature Films Collection. From supernatural telekinetic powers to sinister Porsche Spyders, Sarracco Studios has it all. Our films will draw you in with their gritty storylines and keep you captivated until the very end. Uncover mysteries from the past with us as we take you on an adventure filled with suspense and danger. Whether it's a rebellious teen taking on James Dean's ``little bastard`` or a young boy using his powers for mafia hits, each of our feature films are guaranteed to make your heart race!

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